Learning Online Becomes Easier

From Principal's Desk

Dr. V.B. Gaikwad
K.T.H.M. College, Nashik

Methods of teaching and learning are changing rigorously in the pandemic of covid-19. e-learning has become increasingly popular due to its convenience to the learners. Integration of ICT in instructing methods has become essential. Educational Institutes must ensure that students have access to curriculum materials not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom. Students with special needs can have access to essential material and advanced ICT tools can be used to fulfill their educational needs.

This e-learning portal is specially designed to bridge the gap between teachers and learners. The e-learning portal is an outcome of cumulative efforts of all our teaching faculty members. It is a Course Management System with open access. It has simple user interface and content can be accessed with ease. It is available across platforms. The dedicated desktop software for windows operating system is also available. It covers various courses right from first year undergraduate classes to Ph.D. run by 33 departments of our College. Video Lectures, Lecture Notes, Quizzes and Assignments are uploaded regularly for each and every course. The learners are expected to take benefit of this portal. They have chance to view the content anytime, anywhere on any system. We all learn differently at different rates and styles and this portal will serve its purpose for the same. I wish all the best to all the learners and enthusiasts in all their endeavours of learning.